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Do you do alterations?

I only alter clothes that I’ve made.

What’s the difference between your made-to-measure, and bespoke?

The bespoke process is a bit of a journey where anything is possible. We’ll arrive at a finished garment gradually, through a series of fittings. Adjustments can be made and approved along the way, and nearly anything is possible. A hidden pocket? Western-style details? You name it.

Made-to-measure is more like a day trip. We’ll settle on most fit and detail decisions during a first fitting, and your clothes will be finished to those specifications. The possibilities for made-to-measure are extensive, but limited to the details of traditional tailored clothing.

With both bespoke and made-to-measure, we’re creating a new, unique pattern just for you. That pattern is kept on hand and used for future orders.

What is your turnaround time?

My workshop is small, and the workshop in Naples is small. We work carefully, deliberately, and probably slower than some other shops. My turnaround time varies a little depending on order volume, but it’s about 8-12 weeks for made-to-measure, and 12-14 weeks for bespoke (depending on your availability for a few fittings).

Do you make tailored clothing for women?


Do you make anything other than suits?

Yes. I have a particular interest in classic sportswear and workwear-- barn coats, chore coats, overcoats, etc. If you have something in mind that falls outside the realm of traditional tailored clothing, I’d love to hear your idea.