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My made-to-measure shirts are an extension of my made-to-measure tailored clothing-- made in Naples, and from your unique pattern.

I keep a rack of try-on shirts made up in my house pattern, scaled to fit a variety of sizes. We’ll find one that fits well, and start making adjustments from there. I like to think of this as equivalent to a first fitting-- I’ll pin, mark, and measure, and you’ll start to get a sense of how things are going to look and feel.

I’ll make note of all these adjustments, and they’ll be used to make your new pattern. I’ll adjust for everything ranging from the slope of your shoulders and posture, to the pitch of each of your arms. You’ll also choose from a wide selection of collar, cuff, pocket, and placket styles.

I have no minimum for shirts, and often recommend starting with just one, so that we can hone in on the ideal fit for future shirts.